Yes to Play is an organization dedicated to spreading the word about the power of play – for adults and children alike. We believe that PLAY is the heartbeat of learning – of joy, of love, of LIFE! Play is life! We offer training and coaching to educators and staff teams who want to bring the power of play to their workplace to improve understanding of how children learn as well as positive psychology strategies to improve their colleagues wellbeing. We also offer playshops that allow children to show the adults just what play is all about!

Do you often wonder why children do what they do? Do you have battles getting them to do homework? Are you an educator who is struggling to be play-based but still reach those pesky academic standards? Do you want to create an understanding of play so you can advocate for the children in your class – to other teachers, to admin, to parents and families? Do you want to find out how to create a play-based environment that isn’t chaotic and unorganised? Would you like to find out how to use simple resources that are inexpensive (or even free!) to boost children’s engagement? How about your own wellbeing – what do you need in your life to restore some balance? Feeling burned out, stressed or depressed (or all three!)? Do you have a workforce who needs a teamwork boost? If any of these questions sound like the ones swimming around in your head, keep reading!

Our mission is to take you on a journey to remember how it felt to be a child at play, and how you can use this in your everyday life. Whether as a parent or family member, an educator, or someone else who works with children or big grown ups, we will explore what happens in a child’s brain that makes them so magical and how to recreate this for ourselves. We provide opportunities to become more open-minded, more creative, more relaxed and yet more intentional about your PLAY with children and in your own life.